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My support system was my only companion- which was not the best.

Stage 2 breast cancer –

Procedure: Lumpectomy…Radiation…


I was diagnosed in 1997, working parent of four children. After several rounds of radiation my doctor decided to do six treatments of chemotherapy, all of which made me very ill.  I had to quit my job and send my children to their father. My support system was basically my only companion; which was not the best. By my third treatment I felt I could not continue. I was scared, alone and worried I was not going to be able to see my children grow up. I felt as if I was on my own. Deep down I knew I had to pull myself together and fight, “I was not ready to give up”. Ultimately I decided to remove all the “negative” from my life. I called my friends, talked with my church and finally began to get my support system in place and develop a road to recovery.

However, after my fourth treatment I felt emotionally and mentally unable to continue. I made the decision to continue forward and get my body built back up. After a discussion with my doctor he understood my feelings and agreed that it is important to be mentally and physically healthy. I was able to get healthy and my kids came home. This experience has made me realize that life is short and that we should appreciate all that God has given us.

I have had some tense moments throughout this journey, however I have a great support system now and I know that I can do anything.  Cancer did not beat me, I beat it.  My advice to anyone who is facing this disease, no matter what your life situation is, you can win! Never doubt your own strength, and above all never give up the power of God’s love.