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At my recurrence I knew I was going to lose my breasts.

Invasive ductal carcinoma, Stage II

Procedure: 1999 : Lumpectomy followed by

chemo and radiation

2012 -2014 Double mastectomy with

reconstruction. Latissimus flap.

Losing part of your body is always hard; losing part of what defines you as a woman is even harder. At my first diagnoses I went with a lumpectomy because reconstructive surgery was laughed away (at your age ?? I was 45) Having a few friends in my support group who had undergone mastectomies, I had learned about the problems they faced when buying clothes or bathing suits- never again sleeveless. At my recurrence I knew I was going to lose my breasts and this time I had wonderful doctor. Dr. O’Connor asked if I was considering reconstruction…I did my research and decided to go for it. I can now wear anything I want and on hot days I even go bra-less! Color me happy!